I love the creative process, making music and visuals in particular. Music and visuals that evoke a visceral response, not just intellect...

Musical man with a penchant for banana milkshakes.

Hi! I'm a Tokyo-based electronic musician. I'm working on an album and playing live shows. Someday, I would like to soundtrack films.

A young Brit musician/artist with an almost 50-year career, I'm constantly open to creative challenges, collaborations, inspiring projects!!

Sound-designer, composer and songwriter from Venice, now living in Kamakura. I compose and play electronic music and post-rock.

Soundtrack for theater, documentaries, ads, short films, games... specialized in making retro videogame tunes, and 80´s sound landscape.

Hi folks! I am guitarist and vocalist for Tokyo based indie rock band 'The Watanabes'. We've released three albums nationwide, performed ...

I own and operate the FPE Group, a full-service firm focused on providing services to the music industry.

To me music isn't just a pleasant rearranging of pitches and intervals - music is the sound that envelopes us, the noise that we make as ...

Musical monk and sonic soul soother.

Musician from Scotland studying Japanese language and music in Tokyo.

I`m a music producer. I work on ambient/soundscape electronic music. I collaborate to make videos for my music too.

Inspiring, original music, for you and your dreams.

Graphic and media designer, Musician.

Hi! I'm a sound designer and artist from Helsinki, Finland. I work with contemporary dance, theatre, animation and sound installations.

I am a creative director, composer and conductor.

I write music and would like to make music for video games. I specialize in action, horror, and fantasy music.

Tyler's my name; composing and performing on upright bass is my game.

I am a musician/artist living in Tokyo who is looking to collaborate with other musicians and people to who require an audio element to ...

Hey everyone! I'm Fannie, deejay, and I sing and sing write! I lov music with my entire being, and I believe art is life. I'm open to co...