Seal making ・印鑑作り

7 December 2015 ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image
Seal making ・印鑑作り

Handmade seal set. - Process and workshop:

Wow, very cool! I'd love to attend one of your workshops and make my own if you can provide any extra information on that?

Yeah I'd love to join too!!!

Thank you for visiting the workshop page, it’ll be great to work with you !
Patio.workshop is in Saitama’s countryside, it’s a 1.5hr direct train from Tokyo.

I haven’t set up an event ‘workshop’ to join ( it might develop in to that though ), my intention is to open an invitation to participate in the work in process. You can choose your more convenient date and book the workshop to work under my supervision to make your own seal with no time limit. For ¥5000 I’ll provide material, tools and help you with the design.
- We might have to previously discuss your project in order to prepare.

You can email or find me on FB

It will be also a good excuse to have a BBQ…


Sounds like fun! Could we organize a group session? Or is it best as an individual thing?

Also, I was wondering if you'd heard about the Canvas Meetup #2 that will be on the 7th Jan? It would be great if you'd be interested in exhibiting your work during the event!? Details are at

Please let me know if you'd like to!

I'd be up for a group visit if it was a really small group, like 3 people or so... Let me know if you're keen Mark!

Hi Ben, Mark.
-I'm ok with a group of maximum 3 people for starter. I have to get a couple of extra tool sets and vises, but I think it would be worth, very productive and fun. Welcome ! looking forward to it.

Yeah count me in! Perhaps some time in January or February?

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