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Daniel Schallau

I'm an illustrator in Tokyo, Japan

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Published children's book author/illustrator.
College text book illustrator
Toy designer
Commercial illustrator.
Education: BA Architecture, University of Oregon, USA

My Creations

  1. ESL Toy

    8 August 2016

    I worked with a small toy company on this. With the toy designer's guidance, I came up with the concept and developed the idea including choosing the 3 letter words to be used and then drew 32 full color stickers for the toys. Quite a project.

  2. Adachi Skylines

    26 October 2016
    Adachi Skylines

    Adachi-ku is a surprisingly fun place to practice painting skylines.  

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  3. Another Adachi Skyline

    31 October 2016

    From the 7th floor in Adachi-ku looking out at the uninterrupted expanse of buildings receding all the way to the mountains around Okutama. The first two skylines I posted this weekend were drawn in watercolor with a brush. This time I 'painted' with my iPad using watercolor and gouache brushes... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  4. Last night I posted a different version of this drawing with trees and grass in the foreground, but I think I like it better with just the buildings.

  5. Spacewalk

    8 January 2017

    Drawn with an iPad using an Apple Pencil in Procreate.

  6. Kyoto Fire Engine

    8 January 2017

    Do all Kyoto fire engines not have logos on the doors? This is the only fire engine I saw in my visit this weekend.


    15 January 2017

    This is what I think a good adventure book should be.

  8. Work Boot

    16 April 2017

    In the neighborhoods of Tokyo you might often find a family's home hovering high up above their family run industrial workshop, which might be producing small parts for larger machines, which in turn manufacture automobiles and appliances. Large industry would not survive in Japan without these tiny workshops. Thus, I... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  9. Dementia Assist Robot

    This is some work I did for IDEO last week. To satisfy the NDA I signed, I made changes. The robot in these drawings is not the product I was drawing for the client. I...

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  10. Fashion, Home and Garden

    Just a personal project for my portfolio.Mikomoto JewelryWater pitcher from HakoneWatering flowers in my garden.

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  11. The Dancing Limosine

    21 June 2017
    The Dancing Limosine

    All of the passengers dance from side to side except the mayor and his wife.  I might try to get the mayor and his wife to hop up and down sometime.  I am running out ...

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  12. Sociology Textbook Illustrations

    A friend of mine is a professor of Sociology and asked me to illustrate the cover and chapter titles for his text book. I recommend getting to know a sociologist beca...

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  13. More from the textbook I illustrated for a college professor. He wanted me to use humor to describe basic social structure--law and order, justice and political. Naturally, I thought of squirrels.

  14. Textbook Illustrations

    2 February 2019
    Textbook Illustrations

    Yet another sociology textbook project with over 140 illustrations like these.  Fun, yet challenging.

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  15. One of around 140 illustrations I am working on for a sociology text book. For this one I wasn't supposed to have active conflict, but a sense that there is a strain on resources and in this case, water. So no guns blazing in other words.

  16. 3 interviews

    20 February 2019

    Social Scientists interviewing three different people. Meant to look like interrogations.

  17. Market Place

    2 March 2019

    For the sociology book I am collaborating on with a professor in the US, I was given a list of religious figures I should include in this marketplace drawing. It is interesting how all on the list have gown style clothing and head gear. Only the African Animism figures differ... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  18. Kita-Senju Telephone Pole Sign

    My first telephone pole sign. Thanks to 自転車雑貨FLIP&FLOP. The sign layout and illustration at the top is mine. It shows the family that runs the shop all balancing on a...

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  19. Gravel Cycling Tenugui

    9 January 2022
    Gravel Cycling Tenugui

    I collaborated with bicycle designer, Ebine Taku at Pepcycles on a yearly gravel cycling themed Tenugui towel.  We started with blue towels and printed seasonal colors...

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  20. New Year's Cards

    9 January 2022
    New Year's Cards

    A couple of New Year’s cards I designed for a client who designs bikes. He chose the Mt. Fuji card as it best showed the gravel cycling, bicycle camping culture. The...

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  21. Bikelore 12 Poster

    30 September 2022
    Bikelore 12 Poster

    This year’s poster for Bikelore 12.  

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  22. Tsuchiura Bikelore Poster

    24 February 2023

    My second Bikelore poster. Bikelore is a crazy cyclocross event with a bunch of different creative races like cargo bike, dog and bike, bike and fish, denim, team relay, kids and more non-UCI sanctioned races.

    The organizer likes my alphabet cars, so asked me draw some custom cars with the... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  23. Gallery Show

    13 July 2023

    I made an event for this group gallery show I am a part of this Saturday. Look for it in the list above or to the right. It says Register On Facebook, but no registration is necessary. Click it to go to Facebook for more information. Thanks.