Statistical Anomalies

25 September 2015 ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image
Statistical Anomalies


The term, “everything happens for a reason” gets thrown around a lot, I feel. What intrigues me though, is the idea that there might not be a reason for any of it. Things might just happen. In that sense, if we assume or believe there are reasons for what happens, they’re reasons we ourselves append, whether good, bad, or otherwise.

By putting four stories of failed love together, each vaguely linked by fate, I wanted to create a composite picture of this idea — that fate is fickle, perhaps non-existent, and if it plays with us, it’s because we let it.

Another great read, thanks Hengtee! This one was a little more painful for me to read than your other pieces. In particular, the last few sentences of the second part made me rather sad for the girl lying next to him. But it's great that your writing can have such an effect on me!

Great read, Hengtee! The story of Tomo and Sari made me think of a couple I knew - I still can't get over their breakup... Anyway, I will be looking forward to reading you again!

Thank you, Charlotte Cahill! Perhaps some time in the near future we can collaborate on a story, too. Let me know if you're interested. :)

With pleasure, Hengtee Lim ! I am super interested! Let me know what you have in mind :-)

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