i am nothing in particular.

I am Visual Artist and also am Musician of Japanese Noise / Experimental music in Tokyo, Japan. I sometimes have activities in Abroad also.

Artist・Illustrator interested in education, art and culture. Creative direction・ Graphic design・ Art direction・ Art work

Hello, My name is Milenko and I am a painter/illustrator currently based in Tokyo. I came from Serbia two years ago to study oil paint...

I am an artist and researcher from the UK.

Born in 1987 in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Takayuki Nomura graduated from Oita University and moved to Tokyo in 2010.

Currently working in 2D animation studio in Tokyo. I draw comics and pixel art in my free time.

I paint, draw, and most recently, take black and white multilayered photos. Currently working on a series of digital drawings/paintings.

Hi! I'm a Brazilian freelance artist who loves oil/acrylic painting, ink drawing and illustration. My sketchbook and I are inseparable :)

Media coordinator for Outdoor Japan Media. I write, shoot, design, and celebrate the great outdoors.

Known online as VAREONS. I'm an aspiring makeup artist following unconventional beauty standards.

American/French Visual Artist focusing on science and popular culture. Painting, drawing and digital artwork informed by design and fashion.

Visual artist, electronic music producer and techno dj residing in Tokyo for the last 15+ years. Originally Russian and loving good vodka.

"Every single night, i see creepy dream and wake up, so i draw; to get rid off Creepers out of my head and i can go back to sleep again!...

Hi there, my name is Miki Saito and I'm a contemporary artist living in Tokyo! Full time Artist.

www.sabrina-horak.com IG @only_sabrina_horak

I like to make things, especially but not only things including monsters:). I do illustration and animation and 3DCG.

Artist and blogger of Artistic Adventures. Work in Oil, mixed Media and Japanese ink wash