In Tokyo, Roasting Coffee Masterfully At Age One Hundred

15 September 2015 ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image
In Tokyo, Roasting Coffee Masterfully At Age One Hundred


As I slowly pieced this article together for, I realized that what interests me about kissaten culture is what interests me about Japan and Tokyo in general - it's the clash and harmony of the contemporary and the traditional.

In that sense, the article is something of a meditation on why we should value the past, and treasure the experiences that give us such clear views of it; in its own way, the kissaten is a kind of time machine.

A really interesting article, Hengtee. Thanks for sharing!

Will definitely have to check L'Ambre out sometime soon!

Trent McBride - Web / Mobile Designer in Tokyo, Japan Trent McBride Web / Mobile Designer 16 September 2015

You have to read more of Hengtee's stuff, Mark! Check him out on Medium. Powerful stuff!

Love this post - you really captured one of the things I love most about Japan which is that juxtaposition of traditional and modern culture. Thanks for sharing Hengtee! Go coffee!

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