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About me

I have loved photography all my life and started with an old Polaroid when I was around 12 years old, skipped a few years and took photography courses in high school and in college. After college, I again slowed down for a few years until digital cameras took the world by storm and in 2009 I bought my first DSLR and the rest is history.
My other passion is reading and writing, having written some short stories in college and comic book scripts and then again laid low for a few years but due to being very creative I am interested in writing again.
I have recently also become enamored with video and showing people the world through my eyes, so I am looking for other like-minded individuals to get together and share ideas as well as work on some video projects.
I love travelling and especially visiting many older and traditional areas in Japan and have recently been doing a lot of travel related photography since I started living in Japan.
I am quite passionate about teaching and I have a meetup group through which I teach photography to people in Tokyo once or twice a month.

My Creations

  1. Mermaid

    6 April 2016

    This was shot in Odaiba near Tokyo with a wonderful model that happens to look like Ariel from the Disney, The Little Mermaid movie
    We decided to go to these rocks which are normally almost covered in water but due to the very low tide, we were able to go... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  2. Ariel got her legs

    7 April 2016

    This was also shot in Odaiba, on an area normally covered by water but now due to the low tide we were able to walk and shoot on these rocks. Due to the model looking very much like princess Ariel from the Disney animation I thought the title should be... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  3. Lantern and Tokyo

    14 April 2016

    This was shot during a workshop I was running on the Rainbow Bridge and Odaiba area in Tokyo. This is a shot of the city seen from the bridge along with one of the few light lanterns that are on the bridge and turn on shortly before sunset. This photo... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  4. Imperial Palace

    18 April 2016

    I took a walk a couple of days ago around the Imperial Palace to see a good location for taking photos of it, or rather of the gates that lead inside and also to relax
    This is one of the first photos that I used HDR on and it's from... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  5. Spring Feeling

    2 May 2016

    I shot this image in Odaiba this past weekend as I was teaching a photography workshop outdoors on how to use a reflector when shooting a model. The only light available is sunlight along with a reflector. The image was shot with a fisheye lens to get as much information... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  6. Reach for the sky

    9 May 2016

    I took this photo during my walk in the East Garden of the Imperial Palace near Tokyo station just a couple of days ago. I was scouting the area as well as walking alone to relax in the afternoon sun and enjoyed discovering the hidden wonders of the place.

  7. Forever waiting

    26 May 2016

    This statue of an Ama diver from a time long past sits and waits forever at Onjuku train station in Chiba. Onjuku is a small town that is famous for people that go there to surf since it has a great beach as well as some surf shops and even... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  8. Cuteness

    3 June 2016

    I was in Harajuku shooting photos for a dice company and I got this shot of this very cute character advertising the store from the outside.

  9. Shower Time

    12 June 2016

    I shot this while at Zoorasia in Yokohama with the family last weekend. The elephants get water at regular intervals throughout the day and this one was waiting for the water spray so he can pick it up with his trunk and splash it on his back.

  10. Ueno resident

    1 July 2016

    This cool cat hangs out in Ueno park especially near the temple and sometimes near the exit that leads to the train station. He or she is very casual and loves to be near people and could care less about how close you get, I'm not sure about petting though... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  11. Tokyo

    11 July 2016

    As seen from Bunkyo civic centre 25th-floor observatory. Another photo showing the many colours of the city.

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  12. Lake Okutama Drive

    20 July 2016
    Lake Okutama Drive

    Last Saturday I had the chance to meet some car people and go with them for a drive to Lake Okutama on the mountain roads. Unfortunately, it was very cloudy and misty ...

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  13. Kamakura Fireworks

    25 July 2016
    Kamakura Fireworks

    Last Wednesday there was the annual fireworks festival in Kamakura on the beach and it was attended by thousands of people. 

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  14. Tottori

    14 August 2016

    Working on editing my thousands of photos from my travel trip to Tottori, here's a sneak peak of one of the shots from there. More to come...Here's an obligatory mirro...

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  15. Tottori part 1

    25 August 2016
    Tottori part 1

    This was the view from my Ryokan room in the Misasa valley area of Tottori prefecture.And a look inside the incredibly spacious and traditional Ryokan room.The garden ...

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  16. Tottori part 2

    11 September 2016
    Tottori part 2

    I took the boat cruise around the Uradome coast.The water is amazingly clear and blue, advertised as the bluest water north of Okinawa.After enjoying the cruise around...

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  17. Flying

    4 October 2016

    Views from the airplane! Sunset...Mountains...City...Midday sun...Earth !

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  18. Asakusa Samba Parade 2016

    Every year there is an amazing parade based on the samba culture of Brazil where people dress in amazing costumes and go out on the street for a few hours enjoying the...

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  19. Harajuku

    25 October 2016

    Look up sometimes ! Life goes by pretty fast, if you blink you might miss it!

  20. Ghosts of Harajuku

    25 October 2016
    Ghosts of Harajuku

    Street photography at night!

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  21. Halloween 2016

    1 November 2016
    Halloween 2016

    Shibuya was alive with people on Sunday evening!!! Halloween was in full swing!

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  22. Models in Shibuya

    14 November 2016
    Models in Shibuya

    A couple of models walking on the streets of Shibuya! 

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  23. Yoyogi park autumn

    25 November 2016
    Yoyogi park autumn

    The amazing colors of the trees in Yoyogi park. 

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  24. Fun in Yoyogi Park

    5 December 2016
    Fun in Yoyogi Park

    Photos from my latest model photo shoot in Yoyogi park.

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  25. A walk in Harajuku

    12 December 2016
    A walk in Harajuku

    A Sunday walk in Harajuku enjoying the sunshine and the sights. aka. street photography

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  26. Harajuku stroll - a varied setting

    I had a great photo walk this past Sunday in Harajuku. I like to walk around in this neighborhood and find new stores and sights which I haven't seen before. The area ...

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  27. Deutch Mura Illumination

    27 December 2016
    Deutch Mura Illumination

    In Chiba, there is a German village set-up and during the holidays time, they filled it with a huge amount of leds for illuminations! 

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  28. Happy New Year!

    2 January 2017

    Shot with my Galaxy S7 cell phone on new year's eve in Odaiba!

  29. Coming of age day

    11 January 2017
    Coming of age day

    On January 9th of this year young people than have just turned 20 years old celebrate their adulthood by wearing gorgeous kimonos and I was at Meiji Jingu shrine to ta...

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  30. Tokyo Auto Salon - models

    18 January 2017
    Tokyo Auto Salon - models

    Last Sunday I visited the Tokyo Auto Salon which happens every year and usually at Makuhari Messe in Chiba. This first set of photos showcase the ever present models f...

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  31. Tokyo Auto Salon - rides

    18 January 2017
    Tokyo Auto Salon - rides

    Of course, the main point of the event was to showcase all the pimped out rides at the event, from classic cars both foreign and domestic to really expensive vehicles.

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  32. Odawara Castle

    1 February 2017
    Odawara Castle

    One of the best fortified and strongest castles to grace the land of Japan and one of Japan's finest 100 castles. 

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  33. Odawara Trip - Samurai

    3 February 2017
    Odawara Trip - Samurai

    Spirits of the samurai exhibition at Odawara castle grounds.

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  34. CP+ 2017

    1 March 2017
    CP+ 2017

    The biggest annual photo convention in Japan was packed with new camera models and even some ancient favorites! 

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  35. Chris in Shinjuku

    8 March 2017
    Chris in Shinjuku

    Aka. first time doing a male fashion shoot in 5 years. 

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  36. Shinjuku Photo Walk

    11 March 2017
    Shinjuku Photo Walk

    As part of my photography meetup group I sometimes organize photo walks around Tokyo for people to practice photography outdoors and relax. 

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  37. Ships, boats and dinghies...

    I recently had a photography workshop in the Odaiba and Rainbow bridge area. I love walking the Rainbow bridge to get calm and de-stress from daily life, and also to t...

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  38. Sakura

    2 April 2017

    I was in Yoyogi park yesterday on April 1st in the rain enjoying the beautiful sakura trees along with all the other people celebrating hanami on the first weekend in ...

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  39. Suntory factory visit

    9 April 2017
    Suntory factory visit

    Find out the secrets behind the mastery of the Premium Malts blend of beers from Suntory. 

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  40. Under the sea

    27 April 2017
    Under the sea

    Some shots I took on the past weekend while visiting Kamogawa Seaworld in Chiba.

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  41. Terrestrial mammals

    1 May 2017
    Terrestrial mammals

    I took these photos at a farm in Chiba, called "Mother Farm", no joke.

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  42. Yoyogi park fashion shoot

    From my latest photo shoot on a rainy day in Yoyogi park.

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  43. Shinjuku through my eyes

    Some photos from last weekend's photo walk in the Shinjuku west area and Tokyo Metropolitan Government building. 

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  44. Odaiba - Daytime and Nighttime

    Some shots of Odaiba as seen from the Rainbow Bridge that I took last month on a photo walk. I organize photo walks and photo workshops every month in the Tokyo area, ...

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  45. Odaiba Fashion Workshop

    I shot these photos with this beautiful model while I was teaching a fashion photography workshop in Odaiba last weekend. 

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  46. Summer in Harajuku

    5 July 2017
    Summer in Harajuku

    From my latest photo shoot with an Italian model in Harajuku.

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  47. Harajuku Urban Fashion

    7 August 2017
    Harajuku Urban Fashion

    Latest photo shoot in the hot weather of Harajuku with a Taiwanese model.

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  48. Blue Hour in Odaiba

    14 August 2017
    Blue Hour in Odaiba

    One of the best times to take photos is after the Sun goes down which is usually called the blue hour due to the color of the sky.

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  49. Asakusa Samba Parade 2017

    4 September 2017
    Asakusa Samba Parade 2017

    Exciting costumes and great energy make this annual event a must see for everyone living in Tokyo!!!

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  50. Tokyo Motor Show 2017

    6 November 2017
    Tokyo Motor Show 2017

    Some photos of the awesome rides and models at the motor show! 

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  51. Odaiba - Of ships and men...and birds!

    These were shot a couple of weeks ago while I was doing a photo workshop in Odaiba, probably the last of this year.

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  52. Akira

    19 December 2017

    Found some images of the Akira manga in Shibuya on the walls around a construction site!

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  53. Comiket 93 - Dec 2017

    4 January 2018
    Comiket 93 - Dec 2017

    Japan is the land of anime, manga and of course...cosplay! Every year there is an event named Comiket short for comic market where many people can visit and buy a lot ...

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  54. Coming of Age Day - 2018

    11 January 2018
    Coming of Age Day - 2018

    On January 8th many young people who reached the age of 20 celebrated their "coming of age" day at Meiji Jingu shrine and then the local government office and I was th...

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  55. Tokyo Auto Salon 2018

    27 January 2018
    Tokyo Auto Salon 2018

    Every year in January the car makers and car improvers attend a show that showcases the latest rides and looks of vehicles. The show is also big for fans of photograph...

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  56. Windows of the soul...

    6 February 2018

    I took this test shot after modding an old lens into a pure macro lens by removing the front element of the lens.

  57. Animal Kingdom - IZU

    26 May 2018
    Animal Kingdom - IZU

    The zoo is very cool and has a variety of animals, you can spend a great day there including having lunch at the restaurant while watching white tigers just outside yo...

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  58. Photos from the train

    16 August 2018
    Photos from the train

    I took these while riding the old locomotive train from Chichibu to Kumagaya in Saitama.

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  59. Asakusa Samba Parade 2018

    22 September 2018
    Asakusa Samba Parade 2018

    I always cover this fun-filled event in the summer and this year was no exception, with a variety of costumes on display and lots of merriment. 

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  60. Tokyo Tower and Zozoji Temple

    At the beginning of the year, I made the trek to Zozoji temple and then to Tokyo tower to get reacquainted with the area and to help plan the rest of the year, as well...

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  61. Kawasaki Halloween Parade 2018

    Every year there is a Halloween parade organized near Kawasaki station and this year I was able to be there and cover it again.

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  62. Design Festa 48

    12 November 2018
    Design Festa 48

    This is an event that happens twice a year and is home to hundreds of artists of all types, from clothing designers, jewelry designers, painters, photographers, etc......

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  63. CP+ Photography Exhibition

    Every year there is a huge photography convention in Yokohama which has all the big companies showing their wares and new products. Recently even smaller companies tha...

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  64. Osaka Castle

    18 April 2019
    Osaka Castle

    ... and sakura.

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  65. Tokyo Motor Show 2019

    4 November 2019
    Tokyo Motor Show 2019

    The place to see the new vehicles that will become reality next year and further in the future!

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  66. Hello,

    I entered the RODE Reel short film competition however I didn't win any of the prizes. It was my first time to actually plan, film and edit a short film so I'm sure I'll do better next year!


  67. Tokyo Auto Salon 2020

    17 January 2020
    Tokyo Auto Salon 2020

    Every year in January there is an auto show where there are many vehicles available as well as gorgeous models.

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  68. Hello,

    This year RODE had their annual competition for short films and even due to the recent health situation many people managed to go out there and bust out a 3 min short film to enter the competition.

    I was one of them and this is my creation for the... continue reading (0, 0 images)

  69. Sakura in 2021

    4 April 2021
    Sakura in 2021

    These photos were taken in the last week of March at the Naka Meguro canal and river.

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  70. Nihon-ji temple

    18 July 2021
    Nihon-ji temple

    A couple of months ago I went on a short hike to Nihonji temple area in East Chiba and it was spectacular!

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  71. Kamakura in July

    29 July 2021
    Kamakura in July

    Last week I had some free time and wanted to get out of the city to get some ocean air and relax so I headed out to Kamakura, seems it was full of people even on a wee...

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  72. AI ART

    6 August 2022
    AI ART

    So lately I have been dabbling in some AI art, I'm sure people know about this and the limits are well, limitless. You can start with a text prompt and add an image an...

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