I'm a graphic designer, design educator, design critic and design writer who has been based in Tokyo for 11 years.

Bartkira (Editor/Website/Curator) Comic Art Tokyo (Director) Gallery Hakusen (Partner/Curator) Black Hook Press (Editor)

Galvani is a Tokyo-based, Creative Director, Animator, Product Designer and Visual Creator for all media.

Designing and building motorcycles that make you want to ride.

I'm a 22yo Creative Director & Front End Developer. I do conception, design and code beautiful and friendly interactive interfaces.

Traveling Eater & Drinker. Brewing Design & Business, Technology. Keep things brief & to the point.

I run a graphics & web design studio in Tokyo called Bento Graphics Inc.

I'm a designer who has loved talking about design just as much as I've enjoyed toiling away on it myself. From my first design critique i...

Hi! I am Charlotte Marillet Cahill, a creative consultant with experience in both web and print design as well as a strong IT experience.

CD with 20+ years of design, UX, and creative management experience specializing in brand ID, interactive, CMS, web, and mobile app design.

Comedian, tech junkie, public speaker and proud Minnesotan.

Design, Motion Graphics, 3D Animation, 3D Rendering, Concept, Storyboard, Special Effects, Fine Arts.

Hi, I'm a founder and director of Eat Creative, a branding and communication agency based in Mita Tokyo.

.I'm an entrepreneur in design consultant and video production venture.

Helping clients like Toyota, Recruit and JCB build brands with solid strategies, great ideas and sharp design. Tokyo-based since 2001.

Half dentist, interaction designer, hobbyist coder and passionate entrepreneur. I grew up dreaming to become an inventor.

Advertising Copywriter, Creative Director, Naming Developer

Hi! I'm Co-Founder and Director of Creative & Brand at Yoroshiku Fantastic K.K., the well integrated creative agency in Shibuya, Tokyo.

15+ years of industry experience. Strategy, UI/UX Design, Wireframing, User Journeys, Prototyping. Passionate about image making.

I have always been passionate about image creation and communication, or how to express a precise message through design and graphic inte...