I'm a Tokyo based designer, art director, and photographer. And I enjoy drinking White Russians.

I'm a graphic designer, artist and photographer working in and around the overlap of art and design, blending these disciplines to create...

Hi, I'm David a french art director/illustrator based in Tokyo, working as creative and art director for a creative agency called Mori, ...

I'm a Tokyo based graphic designer. Born in 1989 in Chiba.

A digital designer living in Tokyo 1964.

Art Director from Paris > Tokyo. Art DIrector. Enjoy film photography, Mountaineering, and cycling everywhere i can.

I'm a brazilian designer and paper craft creator.

Hi, I'm a graphic designer/art director working in Tokyo for over a decade. Always love meeting new creatives who share the same passion.

German Graphic Designer based in Tokyo with a serious Ramen addiction.

An art director and designer looking closely at things in Tokyo.

An Australian designer and art director looking to make it in Japan.

Remy is a french Art director living and working in Tokyo. Animation film, TV commercials, music videos, motion design, projection mapping

I'm a art director and graphic designer based Tokyo and Seoul. Specializing in graphic design, editorial, typography, branding, art dire...

Dilettante with good intentions ^-^

Hi, I'm Emir! I am an art director based in Tokyo.

Hello! I am an art director/videographer/curator working in Tokyo. I do many sorts of things from making videos to organizing art events.

With 9 years of experience in pure digital design background, campaign, apps and going on strong, I am always seeking design challenges, ...

I'm a designer and a Illustrator based in Japan.

I'm a graphic designer. I designed iPhone/Android Apps "BrainWars" and "BrainDots".

Hi, my name is Guillaume live in Japan since 2013. I studied in a Graphic Design school, filmmaker/VFX and 3D Design. I'm also a...