I'm a Tokyo based designer, art director, and photographer. And I enjoy drinking White Russians.

I'm a graphic designer, artist and photographer working in and around the overlap of art and design, blending these disciplines to create...

Hi, I'm David a french art director/illustrator based in Tokyo, working as creative and art director for a creative agency called Mori, ...

A digital designer living in Tokyo 1964.

Art Director from Paris > Tokyo. Art DIrector. Enjoy film photography, Mountaineering, and cycling everywhere i can.

I'm a Tokyo based graphic designer. Born in 1989 in Chiba.

I'm a brazilian designer and paper craft creator.

Hi, I'm a graphic designer/art director working in Tokyo for over a decade. Always love meeting new creatives who share the same passion.

An art director and designer looking closely at things in Tokyo.

An Australian designer and art director looking to make it in Japan.

Remy is a french Art director living and working in Tokyo. Animation film, TV commercials, music videos, motion design, projection mapping

I'm a art director and graphic designer based Tokyo and Seoul. Specializing in graphic design, editorial, typography, branding, art dire...

German Graphic Designer based in Tokyo with a serious Ramen addiction.

Dilettante with good intentions ^-^

Hi, I'm Emir! I am an art director based in Tokyo.

Hello! I am an art director/videographer/curator working in Tokyo. I do many sorts of things from making videos to organizing art events.

With 9 years of experience in pure digital design background, campaign, apps and going on strong, I am always seeking design challenges, ...

I'm a designer and a Illustrator based in Japan.

I'm a graphic designer. I designed iPhone/Android Apps "BrainWars" and "BrainDots".

Hi, my name is Guillaume live in Japan since 2013. I studied in a Graphic Design school, filmmaker/VFX and 3D Design. I'm also a...