My mission is to create products that engage users emotionally, promote happiness and ensure people love what they’re doing, wherever th...

Product Designer at Pivotal Labs Tokyo. iOS & Web development in my free time. Passionate about Design, Photography & Linguistics.

I make small apps and real world hacks, while trying to make new tools for writers with my team.

Product manager from the UK, now living in Tokyo, with a passion for planning, designing and building engaging digital products.

Hellooo....Helloooo. I have been a car designer (fashion design for cars) in Tokyo for the last 11 years and find Japan fascinating. It...

Product designer disrupting the creative process by exploring and promoting new people's experiences

Señor Product Lead @ustwo • Helping SONY Design Mobile • Certified Ramen Chef • #TimeTravellerNewsletter • Co-Launched 650k #BLACKapp

I am a furniture maker and wood turner based in Tokyo.

I design objects and experience.

Italian Art Director, Product UI designer @ Goodpatch Tokyo, Founder of Tokyo Graphic Designers Community.

I work on Straylight, a Tokyo-based incubator of new products, artworks, spaces and events at the intersection of creative disciplines.

French designer freelancing and representing an Indian studio, VISAVIS, I believe creating experiences and emotions is the key to success.

I'm a front-end designer who lives in Kyoto.

Half Spanish and Russian, Marina applies her sensitiveness and cultures to garments she creates.

Fashion industry professional , recent transplant from Melbourne- print and garment design, styling, a bit of event management.

I'm a product designer with a background in film/photo. I have my own design studio, Parallelogram, and frequently am in and out of Tokyo!

Living in Tokyo. Serial doodler. Maker of plush.

I've been interested in crafts since I was a child, my main interests are sewing, illustration and graphic design. I am a co-founder of C...

Interaction Designer. Product Manager. Currently working at Indeed, Japan. Perpetually curious. Happy.

Product Manager at Indeed. Founder at totalBarça.