Founder, Co-founder Tech, publishing, hobo entrepreneurship and laser cats.

I have 2 activities. I'm a creator of fun Japanese learning website called HiraganaNinja, and original coins/medals/badges maker in Tokyo.

I'm a public performance artist, wearable tech hacker, video producer, consultant, MC, public speaker and marathon runner.

A community and culture builder. I'm interested in shaping the way we interact with one another and the world around su.

After locking up at night for AQ, I write little musical sketches under my Skype/DJ name "Chris Palmieri". Most of my work is played on a...

I design and facilitate high-impact learning experiences for students and professionals from around the world.

I organize a storytelling event called Apocrypha and a giant city-wide creative chase game called Journey to the End of the Night.

Hi,my name is Isabel I live in Here in Tokyo almost 19 years,i am an intrepreneur in the business of Jewellery,looking for complete my team.

I'm an entrepreneur, software developer, tech enthusiast with background in software engineering and computer science. I run Doorkeep...

Founder of Vixcess, Inc. We provide cloud-based business intelligence service.

Originator of "Smooz", a smart browser. Smooz won "Best of 2016" at App Store.

My name is Bellamy Hunt, AKA Japancamerahunter. I live in Tokyo and love exploring the city, taking pictures and sharing my photographic ...

My company specializes in locally-based music/voice talent for Japanese clients (music, games, anime, apps, corporate videos, etc.)

Founder of Vanguard K.K. and three other Japanese companies. Investor, advisor, hacker, author, podcaster, picker, grinner, lover, sinner.

I like to make new product and services.

I am a business builder and mom, passionate on building a new service in education area.

I'm an entrepreneur/engineer in Kamakura, organizer of bi-weekly Tokyo Startup Bootstrap Lunches, ex-GitHubber, and founder of

i am a connector and an idea-ist.

iOS App Producer - Tokyo