I'm a UX product manager at Tacchi Studios, the team behind Canvas.. In addition to my profession, I'm passionate about making music.

UX & Industrial Designer. Also a session drummer. That guy with half his head shaved off.

"I believe good experiences can create positive, meaningful connections between people and ideas."

User interface designer trying to find the balance between aesthetics and usability.

I'm Aki, UX/UI Designer at Harajyuku Tokyo.

UX Specialist, Designer, Engineer. Throughout my career I've been involved in projects related from futuristic brain surgery, to games, ...

I'm an American designer and self-proclaimed internet junkie, building products and chasing the cool.

Champion for human-centered design and innovation strategies to help businesses grow, change and thrive.

I work between NYC and Tokyo – designing, writing, and building products.

I am a designer and HCI researcher. I have passion for clarity and simplicity that is achieved through harmony between deep and thorough...

I do UX, and I do love doing it. I love thinking through those little details that make or break a design. I love hearing a user tell me...

Lead UX Designer // Tokyo

I work in Tokyo as a Senior UX Designer for a Japanese tech startup. I'm really excited about making useful products and digital experien...

I'm a French Designer working in Tokyo

I’m a Lead UX Designer and instructor, with two decades of professional experience in design, education, and media.

Born & raised in the SF Bay Area, my deciding moment when I knew I wanted to do UX Design was the 90s movie "Johnny Mnemonic. After goin...

{ Creative | UX | Tech }

I love working with people with diverse cultural backgrounds. :)

15 years of experience in UI/UX design. However ever since I became a mom which is another great job but I can't find any good position.