Regional Sales Manager

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We are looking for an extraordinary sales lead to join our diverse and fast-growing team as we develop and expand in the Japan market!


  • Cultivate new clients in Japan (entire process from lead generation to closing)
  • Analyze the local market, plan and execute the inbound sales measures
  • Build relationships with clients (including existing clients)
  • Correspond inquiries
  • Create custom quotes and proposals for each case in collaboration with the development and design team
  • Localize sales/marketing materials (translation, etc.)
  • Support for events such as various exhibitions

Minimum Requirements

  • Native level of Japanese proficiency in both speaking and writing, and business level of English proficiency
  • Work experience of related duties such as sales, marketing, consulting, etc. (Approximately 2 years as a standard)
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Logical/strategic thinking and problem-solving ability
  • Office PC skills (experience in creating presentation materials and spreadsheets using functions with various office software provided by Microsoft, Google, Apple, etc., experience in using online conference tools and cloud tools)

Preferred Requirements

  • 5 years or more of corporate sales experience
  • Knowledge of technology and IT industry, and work experience at vendor
  • Having internal/external networks, or being good at building relationships
  • Ability to understand and balance Japanese business customs and needs of overseas branch offices
  • Experience in dealing business with foreigners and presentation ability in English
  • Experience in business planning, marketing, and customer service

Is this the job for you?

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