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Canvas is an online network for Tokyo's creative community. It's a place for professional and amateur creatives to show their skills, make new connections and find work.

Canvas helps Tokyo creatives get hired...

“I met a great design-agency client through Canvas. Writing often seems like an afterthought on websites and the like, so it's gratifying to find someone who values the role of an experienced copywriter in shaping and conveying a client's message.”
I am a copywriter (officially a Communications Strategist), and I produce several Tokyo-based websites.
“Finding work as a freelance creator can be a difficult task. Canvas has proved to be a very valuable tool that has helped me make several valuable connections, including my current biggest client.”
I'm a Journalist and photographer who came to Tokyo in 2008 and fell in love with this city . Currently working freelance as a Japan corr...
“I heard about Canvas from a co-worker after I told him that though teaching is fun, I'd rather write and create for a living. I signed up and a few weeks later, I saw a post from a travel app company. I sent my CV, met up with the boss, and got a part-time job as a content marketer/social media manager, thanks to Canvas!”
A Copywriter and Content Marketer interested in doing creative work and collaborating with equally quirky and passionate individuals.

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...and businesses find them

“We're always looking for great designers, copywriters, photographers and more to help us with our client projects, and Canvas has been invaluable in expanding our network.”
Founder and director of Tacchi Studios, a digital product agency in Shibuya, Tokyo. 💗 cats, food, cycling, design, tech.
“Canvas has been good for us to find creative talent for our projects. We’ve hired both full-time and and project-based folks through Canvas (writers, photographers, and illustrators) and we’ve been happy with the quality of work and of the people themselves. ”
I like working on new projects that go against the grain and use new technologies or ways of thinking. I run a local company called Manda...
“Canvas has been great for finding the kind of creatives we want - those who are excited to join a small team and build new app experiences, not just pad a resume.”
I make small apps and real world hacks, while trying to make new tools for writers with my team.

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