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Syn K.K Position: General Affairs Manager Start Date: Immediately


Syn is a Tokyo based Music agency with offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Los Angeles and London. We are looking for a charming, kind, energetic, level headed and experienced general affairs manager to support the entire operations on a daily basis. Candidates must be completely comfortable dealing with English and Japanese in business level, they must be excellent communicators with great organisational skills and have excellent references. Our company culture is inclusive, diverse with a strong sense of learning, discovery and sharing. We strive to be the best creative music agency in the world and If you like the sound of this role and have the required experience, please send your resume to 

Employment Type and Conditions

  • 日本での就労ビザを取得済みの方に限ります Must have a valid Japanese working visa
  • 日本国内で総務/人事の経験者のみ Must have general affairs and HR experience in Japan
  • ネイティブレベルの日本語/英語必須 Native Japanese and
  • 試用期間 3 ヶ月 Trial term for 3 months
  • 契約社員 contract staff
  • 年収450 万円から550万円 Salary depending on experience 4.5 to 5.5 mill.
  • 交通費別途支給 transportation will be covered by the company
  • オフィス勤務 Onsite, working in the Tokyo office

Job Requirements

  • Education Level of Bachelor Degree or higher.
  • Experience of minimum 5~7 years in managerial role
  • Must have demonstrated strong analytical, organisational, and teamwork skills.
  • Result oriented with high integrity in management.
  • Pleasant personality and excellent communication.
  • Native Japanese speaker and business level English is a must.
  • Ability to communicate and interact with clients at all levels.
  • Ability to motivate team and simultaneously manage several tasks.
  • Computer literacy (Mac OS, MS Word, Keynote, Numbers, Excel, Power-Point, Using Internet & E-mail)
  • Willing to learn new software applications and platforms.
  • Able to work with flexibility and under pressure.
  • Must Have prior experience managing general affairs and HR in English and Japanese on a daily basis.
  • Have legal knowledge and experience for staff contracts, supplier contracts, scope of work agreements and be wiling to learn and manage the legal requirements for Syn with internal business affairs team.
  • Must be a self starter, proactive and a team player.
  • Excellent problem solver attentive to details preparing necessary reports analysis and solution approaches.
  • Provide at least 2 references from previous employers.

Requirements and Duties

  • Dealing with Japanese banks, ward office, staff HR contracts, and general office duties.
  • Preparing and reporting internal statements in partnership with Management.
  • Liaising with legal entities as necessary in both English and Japanese understanding legal communication.
  • Preparing basic data for payroll agencies and managing annual certificates.
  • Maintaining inventory of company assets and relevant service agreement.
  • Ensuring insurance policies necessary for the company.
  • Ensure office efficiency is maintained by carrying out planning and execution of equipment procurement, inventory, layouts and office systems.
  • Point person for maintenance, mailing, shipping, supplies, equipment, bills, and errands.
  • Manage relationships with office vendors, service providers and landlord, including contract management, price negotiation, invoicing, leasing and payment oversight responsibilities.
  • Provide general office hospitality support, including teaching all staff how to serve coffee & tea, ensure well stocked snacks and supplies, and foster a warm & friendly office experience for guests and team members.
  • Coordinate and support IT matters to ensure all office equipment is well maintained and registered.
  • Organise and schedule company’s internal and external meetings, appointments and events.
  • Manage executives’ schedules, calendars and appointments.
  • Responsible for creating presentations as needed in Keynote, Google Slideshow and PowerPoint.
  • Participate actively in the planning and execution of company events.
  • Manage HR to oversee adherence to office policies, support staff on HR related matters, track attendance, holidays, sicks days etc.
  • Manage the recruitment and selection process and organise orientation and training of new staff members.
  • Motivate, mentor and coach staff.
  • Maintain/educate staff and management for a safe, secure, and pleasant work environment.
  • Organise staff gatherings on a regular basis to keep positive morale and implement team building events.
  • Responsible for analysing, developing and implementing office policies and services by setting up procedures and standards to guide office operations and promote activities that enhance operations.
  • Document procedures and workflows for the office such as outlining processes for the protection, retention, retrieval, staff transfer and disposal of records and data.
  • Implement procedural and policy changes to improve operational efficiency.
  • Prepare operational reports and schedules to ensure efficiency.
  • Design and implement processes to ensure information is properly maintained and current in the filing system, and establish procedures for proper record-keeping and monitoring in the implementation of new database systems
  • Ensure security, integrity, and confidentiality of data.
  • Determine current trends in the workplace and back office and provide a review to management to act on.
  • Remain updated on technical and professional knowledge by attending educational workshops, joining professional associations, building networks with fellow professionals, and reviewing of industry publications.
  • Support translation of company communications from English to Japanese and Japanese to English.
  • Keep fixed asset’s original ownership documents and listing in corporate asset register.
  • Ensure that there is a complete and accurate record of all documents and records and that they are archived properly.
  • Organise meetings with relevant attendees as needed.
  • Keep a complete record of all Corporate and Enterprise events.
  • Organise Annual Board Meeting and Preparing Keynote presentations.
  • Prepare for annual business report to BOD and present.
  • Attend and participate in regular meetings to discuss and share knowledge on Company Secretariat matters.
  • Action follow up for Management’s direct instructions.
  • Management’s domestic and oversea trip plan arrangement (visa processes, flight & hotel reservation)

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About Syn Tokyo

Syn is a Tokyo based Music agency with offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Los Angeles and London.

Syn Tokyo is hiring and would love to hear from you !

If you live in Tokyo, are bi-lingual in English and Japanese and are qualified for one of the following positions, please send a cover letter and your resume to and a detailed job description will be provided.

Administration & General Affairs Manager
Music Licensing Sales Manager
Music Producer
BGM (Background Music) Curator
Production Assistant
Live Experience Coordinator