SSAADN - INBITWIN (prod. Takepunks) Official Video

24 March 2022 ● 1 min read ● 0 images

A song about the overwhelming emotions that eat you up during the pandemic, key themes for the video were the disruption of reality through glitches, a constant descent, and the cyclical and monotonous nature of life under the Covid.
Camera: Canon 6D
VFX: Blender, After Effects
Editing: Premiere Pro

Artist: SSAADAN (
Everything else: ADC (me)
At the beginning of 2021, I had the small revelation that I need to make things to be happy, and that I missed being on a set after shooting my last film as DP 3 years ago. Being a college student then, each member of the former team I belonged to had gone their separate ways at that point, and it was clear that I had to put on a lot more caps than I ever had before.

Luckily, the ever-generous and my former classmate SSAADAN had just started putting out music, and was generous enough to trust me to direct his first music video.
I directed, shot, edited, and did the VFX for every part of it, and while each part took incredibly longer than I'd originally thought, I finally got everything together and finished my first project as a director.

Whether or not I succeeded in conveying the above themes is another question entirely, and I will admit it only ended up being 70% of my original vision.
But, I didn't expect it to be great off the bat. I'm uncharacteristically proud of my work because it's done. I'm proud that I have something to point at and say "Oh boy, this part looks terrible!", and learn from.
Now I just have to rinse and repeat until I suck just a bit less.

I'm very eager to meet new creatives, so hit me up if you need some help or just want to talk!


Awesome !
Do not hesitate to ask me for music, if needed !

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