18 July 2021 ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image

"How we perceive space" has been a long lasting fascination of mine for quite a while, most likey due to being an architecture major for 6 years (albeit a terrible, terrible one).
The true scale of things constantly eludes our perception. Our feet are the same size as our forearms, a two-story building dwarfs a human in size, but we're limited by our field of vision and height, forced to look at things at angles. Look at any blueprint and you might get a general sense of scale, but even that's a facsimile of the reality we perceive (ironic, given that buildings are based on them.)
I wanted to see if I could explore this discrepancy in space, and made some collages using the urban space of Tokyo, images that simulate normality while reaching towards ubiquitous reality, which eludes observation.

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Born in Japan, raised in Colorado. Likes photography, tech, illustration, architecture, and any image that moves.

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