I'm a Director of Photography and Creative Director based here in Tokyo. I work as a cinematographer, graphic designer, and photographer.

I always feel proud to be a part of a good project whether it be a film, animation or for anything for that matter!

I love to imagine things and then bring them into some semblance of reality. I also shoot/edit video, with a dash of motion graphics.

I am a director of short experimental films, documentaries, and corporate films. I shoot and edit as well.

I make films, write about media and take photos. I like 70s movies, craft beer, and the Yakult Swallows.

Animator,CG artist and filmmakers

Hi! I mainly produce videos and do digital marketing for clients. In Japan for 3.5 years now.

I'm a cinematographer from Oxford, England. I've just moved to Japan and am looking for interesting projects to shoot.

I love producing and directing film and TV. I love it because it speaks global language and express subtlety and dynamism. I was initi...

I work as a Director and DOP.

Writer-Director-Actor-Editor with own camera and edit suite. From New Zealand and now in Japan looking for work =)

I am a filmmaker and a cinema enthusiast. The only reason I stop making movies is to watch some.

I'm a human being which makes film, takes photography, and paints in Tokyo.

a self-taught videographer, photographer, graphic designer, thrill fanatic, dream chaser

I am Tokyo based Videographer, I produce,Direct,Shoot and Edit,Events,Music videos,Web based media for major brands and Independent Project

Hello creative world, I am a college student studying communications. Also the guy who is on a path to becoming a better cinematographer.

Passionate Tokyo-based filmmaker searching for ways to help create videos, develop projects, and improve professional skills.

Tokyo based Director | Producer.

Cinematographer/DOP based in Tokyo. Looking for new creatives discoveries, open to projects & creative collaborations!