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3 September 2018 ● less than 1 min read ● 0 images

A two-wheeled adventure that took me from Tokyo to the top of Hokkaido (and back).
This is from a few years ago, and it might be just about time to plan the next one.

Oh and you ride! Alright, definitely feeling a coffee someday in our paths. I have an Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 in Canada, aching for a beast here too.

Greg Rawson - Creative Director in Tokyo, Japan Greg Rawson Creative Director 24 November 2019

Ryan Stephen Alldridge
Hey Ryan. Thanks for your comments. Yeah I'm a biker too, of sorts. I used to have a VFR, but nowadays I'm getting around on a bicycle. The Dorsoduro must get you to all sorts of nice places in Canada. Japan is definitely a place to have a bike too. I'd love to explore more on a bike here. We should definitely meet up and discuss bikes and even a potential project or two.

Sure! Find me on Facebook, insta or email even. alldridge@gmail.com Cheers!

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