Video - A Hike in Western Mongolia

5 October 2017 ● less than 1 min read ● 0 images

A personal video project that shows some of a hike I did across the beautiful landscapes of the far western Mongolian steppe.

Wow, am I glad I clicked play! I love how you hiked across the whole screen throughout. Did you set the camera up by yourself and have to hike back to retrieve it or are there still cameras out in wild Mongolia for the taking.

Greg Rawson - Creative Director in Tokyo, Japan Greg Rawson Creative Director 19 September 2019

Hey Daniel. Cheers and haha yeah I dropped them every few hundred metres so I could find my way back.
I set up the camera for each shot, pressed the record button, then ran like a lunatic off into the distance with my backpack bouncing around, walked casually from left to right through the shot, then ran like Forrest Gump back to the camera hit the stop button. It would have all looked ridiculous had anyone been watching.

Beautiful Greg. I’ve longed to do this on a motorbike. Someday soon!

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