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5 October 2017 ● 5 mins read ● 27 images

I love heading off into nature with my camera. These are some of the places that I've been fortunate enough to be able to travel to.

Aurora Borealis over the wilderness near Kulusuk, Greenland. Probably the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

Sunset from atop Mt Hua Shan - one of China's five sacred mountains.

Trolltunga, Norway. Spectacular views make the long hike worthwhile.

Aoyama, Tokyo. This bloke politely looked at the camera as I took a snap.

Aconcagua, Argentina - one of the seven summits. A cold climb, but with spectacular views across Argentina and Chile.

Zombie Apocalypse evacuation vessel. Marina Bay, Singapore

Magical late afternoon light makes a gruelling overland hike worthwhile. Eastern Greenland

"The Moon Plain", Central Australia

Mt Asama from the ridge-top path leading to Mt Kurofuyama, Japan

Mt Bromo, Indonesia. 

Sunrise from Mt Kinabalu, Malaysia

Solar Eclipse, Three Gorges Dam, China

The vast, empty steppe of Western Mongolia - a hiker's paradise.

You know it's going to be a good day, when you wake up and there's an iceberg at the door. Tasiilaq, Greenland

Sublime evening views of Mt Fuji, from Mt Hirugatake.

Skogafoss, Iceland

Son Doong - the world's largest cave, in central Vietnam, is mind-blowing in its scale and grandeur.

Camping opposite the Alaska Range, Denali N.P., Alaska

Early morning light in Denali N.P., Alaska

The "Arirang Games" - PyongYang, North Korea

Marlborough Sound, New Zealand

Halloween in Shibuya

A beam from the setting sun flares along the length of Sermilik Fjord, Greenland. In Autumn, sunset this far north lasts for hours, allowing plenty of time to take photos, then sit quietly and take it all in before the nighttime light show begins.

Camping out in the hills hear Hakodate, Hokkaido.

The middle of nowhere, Australia.

The view from the top of Ayer's Rock (Uluru), Australia

The night sky in the Australian outback

These are really cool photographs amigo. Really cool.

Greg Rawson - Creative Director in Tokyo, Japan Greg Rawson Creative Director 6 October 2017

Goran Popovic thank you very much!

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