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A short film shot during a weekend trip to Fukushima and Yamagata.

I used a DJI Mavic Drone to shoot the footage, Adobe Premiere Pro to edit and After Effects to create the text tracking.

I'm not 100% happy with this for a number of reasons, but I've already spent way too much time on it, so it's better to close this one out and move onto the next one instead of chasing perfection forever!

Music is Better Days by Bensound http://www.bensound.com

Nice vision.
Seems there's some artifacts with processing FX though?
Around 12" the fade in from blur is a bit pixely, and around 18 sec there's some glitches with the cloud slomo.

Nice vision.
Seems there's some artifacts with processing FX though?
Around 18 sec there's some glitches with the cloud slomo.
Were you using Adobe FX to slow it down as opposed to filming @ high speed?

and can we get edit comments function?;-)

Ah, yeah thanks for pointing them out, Paul. The master export looks fine, so I think it might be Youtube's crappy compression?

BTW shall I delete your first comment? We'll hopefully add an edit/delete option soon!

If you change the quality settings on the Youtube player to 1440p or something, do you still see the issues?

I saw no quality problems. Just beautiful. I enjoyed this one even better than your last lake video. The only thing I didn't like were the sudden speed changes in the drone and the zooming out was a bit too fast at the end. I loved the slow flying sequences of this valley. I want to go there sometime on my bike. I'll have mark it on my map. Well done! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Daniel! I appreciate both the positive and constructive feedback. :)

I agree with your points, and am definitely going to apply this learning to my next film... wherever that may be!

I'm going to share this with a friend back in Portland who uses a drone for photography. He works for Digital Trends, if you've heard of them.

Thanks, I'd love to hear his thoughts! Yes I've seen a few product reviews on Digital Trends in the past. Cool site!

I agree that the speed and direction changes within the moving compositions are a bit jarring. I also felt the pacing of the editing was occasionally surprising and disruptive. But the imagery you've achieved is gorgeous. Reminds me of sumi-e.

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