Speed Learning

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Speed Learning

An epically sized system containing iOS, Android, web apps, API servers and third party integrations! We also handled UI/UX.



Espritline needed to offer its CD and text based learning materials on a range of mobile and web platforms in order to meet the needs of existing customers and make its product relevant for a new generation of language learners.

First, Tacchi worked with the in-house team to identify business goals and key product assets, resulting in the design of an effective and elegant experience on mobile and the web.

A flexible and collaborative development process resulted in the release of the iOS applications, supported by a robust backend (an API server that runs the API for the apps, a content management system and content database that holds all digital products). This all was designed to meet Espritline’s content management and sales tracking requirements and securely integrate with their existing e-commerce systems.


Strategy consulting focusing on moving to post-physical content delivery.
iOS (iPhone, iPad) app development.
UX, UI design in collaboration with a respected Tokyo-based design company.
Design, setup and ongoing maintenance of an API web server that converses with the apps.
Creation of a dedicated CMS to handle a massive and dynamic dataset that includes digital products, user information, and analytics data.
Integration (with a strong focus on security) with Espritline’s existing e-commerce system.


Since the first release of the Speed Learning apps we have continued to work closely with Espritline to build out their digital product portfolio. This has included adding new features to the core Speed Learning apps, building entirely new apps that integrate with the Speed Learning ecosystem, such as Listen & Repeat, and building a myriad of B2B and internal web tools centered around the core API server.

As we move into our third year of supporting Espritline, we continue to provide the technical knowledge, digital product design expertise and lean product development processes necessary for the Speed Learning brand to continue it’s path to becoming a cornerstone of digital language learning for the Japanese market.

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