Design Tshirts Store graniph - iOS and Android apps with backend server

15 June 2015 ● 1 min read ● 1 image
Design Tshirts Store graniph - iOS and Android apps with backend server

Tacchi Studios provided full service application design and development for graniph's mobile apps and accompanying backend server.

iOS App -

Android App -


graniph (lower-case ‘g’) wanted a way to showcase its super-fast-fashion to the always-mobile Tokyo shopper, in the process driving customers to its online and physical stores. The result was one of the first apps from a leading apparel brand in Japan – a dynamic, extensible (and sexy) content delivery platform.

Tacchi worked closely with graniph’s in-house online services team and its third-party e-commerce provider to create an app which interfaces with the existing e-commerce system to display daily new releases, existing inventory, news and promotions, and a map and list based store locator. An in-app bookmarking system helps customers keep track of items for later purchase.


Building close and long term relationships with our brand partners is hugely important to Tacchi. Post release, we maintain and support the app, and continue to collaborate with graniph to improve the app’s performance and functionality. We also consult for them on a wider range of technology and design issues, enabling them to plan for the future.

Future directions focus on enhancing customer engagement, closer integration between graniphs various systems and processes, online-offline shopping experience, and brand awareness.


Native UX (User eXperience) design and development for iOS and Android including app structure, view layout, UI animations, usability testing and use case studies.
Building a custom API server to act as the go-between for the apps and graniph’s eCommerce platform. This includes custom push notification handling to notify customers about new coupons for stores near them.
Downloading and caching the image data for the products at high speed while maintaining responsiveness.
Design and creation of PHP code necessary to serve the JSON data from graniph’s existing web server/CMS.
Google Maps integration including displaying distances/walking times from the user’s location to the nearest store.

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