Founder and director of Tacchi Studios, a digital product agency in Shibuya, Tokyo. 💗 cats, food, cycling, design, tech.

Swedish. Making a comic book and developing a 2D game!

Developer: back-ends, mobile apps, APIs, plugins, embedded, C/C++, websites, hardware, interfaces, responsive design and more, please ask :)

Hey! I'm Robbie, a creative web and mobile developer living and working in Tokyo. Bio to follow shortly!

Hi! I'm currently an undergraduate for Computer Science - my main interests lie in music, game development, martial arts, and visual arts.

Freelance engineer working on data visualization, machine learning and maps for web applications. Also sometime creative coding.

Mainly web developer (backend/frontend), sometimes graphic designer.

I'm a developer living in Tokyo with an interest in Android and Ruby on Rails.

Software Engineer, cool projects, ultimate frisbee, board games, and meeting people. Hope to meet you soon!

I've been building websites since 1996. I'm the co-founder of Tokyo Cheapo, a guide to enjoying Tokyo on the cheap. I'm also available f...

I'm a Software Engineer in Tokyo.

Marketer converted to web development & design. Co-founder at Le Wagon Tokyo, teaching web development to creatives and people with ideas.

software developer and lifelong UNIX administrator/user

I am a mobile (iOS and Android) developer residing in Tokyo since 1999. Interested in meeting other people from all walks of life eithe...

Hello, how are you? I'm a Brazilian software engineer living in Tokyo.

I'm a full stack web developer at AQ. Coming from a system engineer background, I'm out of EPITECH, Paris. I now mostly play with Ruby on...

Multi task developer, from web to smartphones, from institutional sites to games. Using C, C++, C#, Java, Javaxcript, Php, Python, R and ...

I am a developer and designer currently living in Tokyo. I love making products that other people get to enjoy and that make their lives ...

Programmer, Photographer, and Filmmaker. Currently working for the Art and Technology company daisy* making interactive art.

Developer. Mostly Ruby. Sometimes Groovy.