+1/2 a summer vacation in 120

20 September 2018 ● 1 min read ● 11 images

Decided to take a medium format camera and some expired film along with me on my US vacation. It broke half way to Yellowstone so only got 2 1/2 rolls in. The fun was how the square format makes you shoot and that although a lot of the compositions when reduced down to the basic elements translated well despite the extreme difference in locales...my shots with my Leica were much more varied.

These are amazing shots. I LOVE shooting in 1:1 square and it challenges us to think differently behind the lens. These photos are lovely. Thanks for posting.

Jason Garcia Thank you! Same and I remember when i first got instagram and adapting to it from 35mm and wanting something more tangible decided to get the Mamiya 6 over the 7. But would definitely agree, thanks man~!


Especially love the first shot.

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