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Jason Garcia

I'm a creative director in Tokyo, Japan

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I've led a few different lives—creative director, musician, photographer— and I'm happy to have recently moved from NYC to Tokyo. This may be the start of another chapter/life and I look forward to meeting creative people of all sorts in Japan.

I'm the creator of Shutter Advance, a brand that inspires people to capture better images and improve their photography skills.

If you'd like to have a coffee or a drink, drop me a line.

My Creations

  1. The darkroom was a special place where I could learn the finer points of crafting a better image. I’d dodge this and burn that, all in the name of creating a cool print to hang on my wall. Many years later, I’ve shifted. My laptop is now my darkroom, and... continue reading (1, 1 image)

  2. Tell it like it is ,was, or will be.

    I recently read an article indicating that one shouldn’t worry about “telling a story” when taking photos. I find it hard not to do so. My whole world behind the lens ...

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  3. The power of the filter compels you. -Buddha-

    Pretty pictures are a thing. I'm not into editing images too drastically, mostly because I feel that filters are trends that change with the direction of the wind. I a...

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  4. I was thinking about all the construction that's around me every day. Yeah, one can hear about why building go up or get torn down, but to me, it's just change. I walked by this construction site the other day. I was out to document it all a bit more.

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  5. I enjoy the darkroom, but...

    I enjoy the darkroom, but I won't be burning and dodging photos anytime soon. As you can see by the edits from Dennis Stock’s portraits of James Dean and Audrey Hepbur...

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  6. But that's not real!

    As Gregory Crewdson says in one of his documentaries 🔗👇, "It's really about creating a world that feels both real and imaginative." To me, that's what's going on in my...

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  7. 📷

    6 September

    Sometimes the difference between a simple snapshot and a well-thought-out photo is just a matter of taking a few extra seconds to play with possibilities. This could m...

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  8. Show the world what you're capable of.

    Recently, I was out & about with a friend who mentioned that "having an Instagram account that shows one style of photography is probably the way to go." For some phot...

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