GENSHOKU (Primary Colors)

14 June 2018 ● 1 min read ● 0 images

+Here is my short film, “GENSHOKU” (Primary colors), I shot for the clothing brand Beaugan. Two years ago I shot their documentary in Amami and got full creative control to shoot a short film with high school kids who meet under this bridge in Yoyogi to practice freestyling. The purity of the kids' passion represents to me the brands approach to fashion…in simply doing it for the right reasons. I structured and edited the film alternating between moving and static shots that reminded me of traditional hip-hop construction going between 16 bar verses and 8 bar hooks. First time I shot in such a known location so was a fun challenge creating an atmosphere out of that and with modern equipment for change thanks to uncle Chace Fedor. Big thanks to my girlfriend Youna Lee who edited the video with me, Thomas Beswick for pretty much doing everything technical, and Masayoshi Anotani for the music! Credits below:

GENSHOKU - 原色 - (Primary Colors)
Directed by: Jesse Freeman
Original score by: Mars89
Sound and cinematography: Thomas Beswick
Editing: Youna Lee
Starring MC racer, Aqua, NOVEL (feat. Suzuka)
Out now on BEAUGAN.COM and on YouTube:

Filmed on-site; Yoyogi park, Tokyo 2018,

Great work - overall, the textural feeling of the piece is nice.

I think it really works on a visceral level - Freestyle hip-hop is sporadic - it can definitely have a flow, but due to the nature of it being so "free" to the average person, it may simply sound like random thoughts thrown out for no rhyme or reason (no pun intended...). With that said, I think it was a wonderful idea to shoot at night because it's at that time when our instinctual senses are heightened. This kind of hip-hop is absolutely engrained with the instinct from the individual performer.

In regard to the night, the sporadic verses hit the listener like hints of random light catching their eyes as they walk - and as their imagination is tweaked passing through shadows - this random atmosphere lends itself perfectly to verses...

Looking forward to more!

Jason Scuderi Thank you! And thanks for coming to that final film screening last month!

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