Shadow Noum / One-stroke Japanese sword, Then Black clouds lost neck to dusk

12 March 2016 ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image
Shadow Noum / One-stroke Japanese sword, Then Black clouds lost neck to dusk

About the Shadow Noum (影動能夢)
Shadow Noum is the Calligraphy(Shodo) version of my concept noum.
is a series that express concept Noum instantaneously with a minimum elements.
All my works are based on my Musical sensation. (my main expression material is music)
I am trying to catch the mental density first attack sound has, and the movement of the
instantaneous spirit with same sensation of Free improvisation of music.
I believe The character is what sealed the power and landscape of nature as symbol.
Since ancient times, people have been trying to control the huge energy of nature.
People have recorded the character , built up the culture by controlling and worshipping the huge
energy of the nature.
Huge Nature energy is sleeping in the character.!shadownoum/c1n0f

Love this so much, never tire of it!

Georgi Ann Coquereau Kimi , Thank you very much. To draw these, I need hard work in order to free the mental state in advance. it was born almost by chance. hahaha..

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