Color Cleanser 猥雑色浄 series

17 April 2022 ● 1 min read ● 2 images

Painting series / Acrylic on Canvas 2022. 

Impressions are not definitive, but when placed in a digital space, we tend to assume that once they are definitive, they are absolute and cannot be updated.

However, when we recognize an object, a chain reaction of countless combinations of color, shape, memory, and past impressions formed by the limited conditions of time, place, and circumstances are connected to create an impression that is constantly being renewed.

The obsession that seems to require constant filling of the balloon with air to survive can be broken out of by realizing that the balloon itself is the air itself.

I am currently working on a piece for my solo exhibition next year.

In addition, I and the host organization are looking for sponsors for the exhibition.

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I am a Visual Artist and also a Musician of Experimental music in Tokyo, Japan.

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