TELL Stories Japan - From Dreams to Nightmares

15 March 2019 ● less than 1 min read ● 3 images

From Dreams to Nightmares is dedicated to Tell Stories Japan, a visual storytelling campaign by TELL (Tokyo English Lifeline), and based on fictional recreations of caller stories. Divided into four parts and released every ten days on Tell Stories’ website, From Dreams to Nightmares was originally drawn in black and white for online publishing, and later risograph-printed as a book.

The story can be read online at

Quite the emotional story! I had a bit of trouble viewing it at 'tellstoriesjapan'. I followed the link, searched for your name and found it. But when it loaded your work it kept cycling through different spreads and never showed the first page. Weird.

That's strange! The link for my story is, but I decided to post the link for the whole project so people could also see the other stories.

Thanks. I was able to view the story with that link. Wow. Masa is a jerk as are her parents! Sad that there are real people like that. On of my students is being held hostage practically by her husband. He doesn't want her to visit her 90 year old parents and made her quit coming to my class. I and the other students are worried about her. Thanks for sharing. Your work is amazing.

It was very difficult for me to finish this story because it makes me so sad and angry. But I really hope your student gets the help she needs and gets out of this situation as soon as possible.

Yes, it worries us. She is of the older generation who generally put up with this kind of stuff. I have taught that class for 16 years. She has been apart of the class for 20 years, so before I took over as teacher. Harusan, the leader of the class is terribly sad that she quit, but we think she will be back sometime. There is only so much I can do, but I do email her sometimes to check in. But she has one of those old school old clamshell phones where she can only type English characters from the abc def ghi... keys. so her emails don't tell much.

Mark Smith - Marketing/PR Professional in Tokyo, Japan Mark Smith Marketing/PR Professional 22 March 2019

Beautiful work in more ways than one!

Thanks a lot, Mark Smith!

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