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Julia Nascimento

I'm an illustrator in Tokyo, Japan

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I was born and raised in Brazil, and I have been living in Tokyo since 2010 when I came to pursue a graduate degree.

My academic background is a mix of visual arts, animation and fashion, and I have worked for some fashion companies like People Tree and Junko Koshino here in Japan. I have also researched for the Japanese Agency of Cultural Affairs in the fashion field.

In the last few years, I have decided to become an illustrator and since then I have been doing commissions for print and digital media. I also create comics!

I absolutely love good food and cannot live without books! I am also a helpless art supplies geek!

My Creations

  1. Little Red Riding Hood

    Little Red Ridding Hood is an experimental project bringing a new perspective of the classic story told nowadays. My intention was to create a story with illustrations...

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  2. Illustrations for Something Like Hope

    I had the great pleasure to illustrate Hengtee Lim's 100th story "Something Like Hope". For this piece I decided to work with a very cool blue juxtaposed to black and ...

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  3. Somebody dance with me

    Have you ever imagined if Jaws was told by the point of view of the shark? Well, this is how I imagine it. Apparently, sharks - including the great white shark - don't...

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  4. Waking in Paris

    18 June
    Waking in Paris

    Ink on paper illustration inspired by science fiction series Sense8.When I first saw the original still for this image my eyes got caught by the mundane composition ye...

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  5. City Grrrl

    16 May
    City Grrrl

    City Grrrl is a homage zine to namesake song by Brazilian band CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy). Here you can find some of the inside pages and the cover.Line work was done us...

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  6. in bloom - comic pages for "hajime"

    "in bloom" is a comic I made for anthology zine "hajime". Here you can see two of the four pages, still without lettering. I used a brush pen on paper to tell the stor...

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  7. Illustrations for the story Cigarettes in the Dark

    These are two illustrations commissioned by Hengtee Lim for his story Cigarettes in the Dark. The first image was imprinted on my mind when I first read the story: tha...

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  8. North & South

    10 April 2017
    North & South

    I made these two illustrations using black ink and acrylic gouache on paper. The originals are B4 size and they are supposed to be displayed like this, side by side.Al...

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  9. Tokyo Bay Sunset

    This is a watercolor illustration for the inside cover of zine "hajime", a collaborative project I did with seven non-Tokyo-native artists. Each participant have creat...

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  10. Brazilian Food Illustrations

    15 September 2017
    Brazilian Food Illustrations

    From August 30th to September 5th I took part in the illustration group exhibition "Home Sweet Home" in Hiroshima. Every participant was asked to illustrated something...

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  11. Fashion Nurie coloring book cover

    In February of 2016 I was commissioned by Bunka Publishing Bureau to color the cover of their book Fashion Nurie. This was a very special project to me because the aut...

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