14 October 2018 ● 1 min read ● 10 images

+took these from my same US trip. this was the first roll of 14 i developed using my cousins broken film reels and ended up damaging these negatives before getting the hang of it...to a rather spontaneous result. the photos carry a Roger Fenton-like atmosphere with a tension created from the overlay of damage to the negative that offers a distraction to otherwise static images.  

This spontaneous result is absolutely amazing. To me, it's art. Many photographers these days try incredibly hard to find the "perfect" photo. There are edits in post, Lightroom presets, and all sorts of other stuff happening. In my opinion, your photos are WAY more compelling than most I see these days. Dare I say, "damage more, please?" 👍

Jason Garcia Aww thank you! Right, I kind of appreciated that spontaneity~

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