6 January 2020 ● 1 min read ● 7 images

+been trying out a black paint that will absorb over 98% of light for a surrealist film photo set I have in mind. Looking at it now I suppose I could skip all of this and just photoshop what I am trying to achieve, but think an accompanying installation would justify my analogue approach and add some value. Today I took some random objects I quickly painted unrelated to the photo set and shot them outside on an iPhone 6 (no filter)…fun results. 

Very interesting! With the paint it looks unreal.

Ian Bayne it does right! for the main project I will shoot on an overcast day and in black and white it should appear to absorb all the light...

Vantablack? ;)

I wish! It isn't on the market, guess this is the second best thing for consumer use...black 3.0

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