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That day I was working on the first illustration for Mar's Siren and watching videos about the life of the astronauts on the Space Station. It was surprising that up there they have food from different countries. And I was wondering how it would be to eat sushi in the space. In my dream the pieces of salmon, tuna, etc where floating around the lace that was keeping the bento box closed. It was somehow caotic but beautiful.

I will be available shortly, so if you need help with ideation, direction or visual work, here I am, :)

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Hugs from Japan and enjoy the coming weekend!! :)

oh no, you crossed the chopsticks!!

Just kidding, this is awesome. Is it a render? a drawing? Or some kind of digital hybrid?

Manuel Camino - Creative Director in Tokyo, Japan Manuel Camino Creative Director 31 August 2018

Oh that’s the reason one chop stick is divided in two,;) It’s a mix of 3D, photography and lots of drawing to make all look in the same spot,:)

Awesome piece! Also it's making me hungry...

Manuel Camino - Creative Director in Tokyo, Japan Manuel Camino Creative Director 15 September 2018

Thanks so so much for all the likes and comments about this piece, it really brings motivation to keep doing more, if you guys feel like I will be giving a little speech about my work and process at PechaKucha Tokyo on the 26th. You are more than welcome to join, :) Thanks a lot again! :)

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