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Manuel Camino

I'm a creative director in Tokyo, Japan

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Passion for ideas and a perfectionist, I worked as concept artist, designer, illustrator, 3D artist, animator, TV director, copywriter, journalist, teacher... When everybody was focusing on something, I was always curious, trying to do as many things as creative as I could. This allows me to fully understand most of the creative process from small projects to the most complex 360 campaigns.

So I consider myself as a neutral media person (for me its all about the ideas), that can be working one day on a campaign and next I am designing a video game console system, like the Xbox 360. Skilled in managing teams and presenting ideas to clients.

Really into innovation and working on concepts, I never hesitate to put my hands on the creative process beyond the supervising or directing. I consider myself confident, but humble and I try to be far from political debates and the egos of this industry and focus more on collaboration and creating a good company culture.

Worked for Nike, Xbox, Suzuki, Coke, Sony, Footlocker, Mercedes, Microsoft, Nestle, Johnnie Walker, Heineken, Twitter, Samsung, HP, KIA and many others. For agencies like W+K, AKQA, TBWA, Publicis, Saatchi&Saatchi and North Kingdom. Lived in 7 different countries, in Europe, US and Asia. Overall, I consider myself a hard worker, a decent person and an obstinate skateboarder.

My Creations

  1. Six species of birds, a wood sculpture, a whale's eye and a duster were mixed to bring this animal to life.

    One of the character of The Media Jungle campaign to promote the Awards Show.

    More information about this campaign at

  2. Only the nose, mouth and shoulders have been extracted from photos of apes, the rest is a mix of an elephant, a buffalo, sea weed from my Japanese salad, a zebra and even a worm cocoon.

    One of the character of The Media Jungle campaign to promote the Awards Show.

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  3. To create this I used nothing organic but things like a flamenco dress, a curtain, a glass of wine and LED lights from my kitchen.

    One of the character of The Media Jungle campaign to promote the Awards Show.

  4. An insect made using the fish eggs in my sushi dish, a parrot, a kolibri and a beetle.

    One of the character of The Media Jungle campaign to promote the Awards Show.
    More information about this campaign at

  5. The concept "Wear Your Pride" was proposed by the client who asked us to help making the campaign appealing and engaging for the audience using an outstanding look and activating it on Social Media

    Once agreed on a direction using the coloured dust we tried to make the supporters of... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  6. Detail of the styling and photo manipulation of the Indonesian Fan.

  7. One of the 8 characters created to make cheese more appealing to kids in a country like Vietnam, where milk products are not so frequent in their daily routine.

    More information about this project at

  8. A car TVC without car on the TVC, :)

  9. Remington Race Commercial

    14 February 2017

    Even when the client wanted a long conventional video with animated specs and a lot of explanations of what can this shaver can do or how, we proposed something different, a short animation that in just a few seconds does the job without a single word or number.  

    Using the... continue reading (0, 0 images)

  10. Vietnamobile / Mr Orange

    16 February 2017

    Mr. Petoski (Head of Planning) and myself were asked to work on a second direction in order to be part of a pitch for Vietnamobile, a Vietnamese telecom company specialized on the teen market and prepaid business.

    The deadline was VERY TIGHT and we came with this concept "Thay Cam... continue reading (1, 1 image)

  11. That was a sunny day and the perfect occasion to watch the Kurayami Matsuri. Those huge Taikos (Japanese drums) were so impressive, with a bunch of men on top of them, directing their way like sailors of an impossible boat that navigates in a sea made out of people. And... continue reading (1, 1 image)

  12. Childhood

    26 July 2017

    When you grow up as the main witness of a broken family, all you have it's your imagination as a way to scape and bring some joy to a rather difficult life. Those who had the same experience I did probably can empathise easier. This illustration is a remake of... continue reading (1, 1 image)

  13. Kumade

    12 June 2018

    That day I was explained that Kumades are a Japanese good luck charm for the New Year made out of those objects that represent things you want to get or preserve durin...

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  14. Okane

    24 July 2018

    Compositing a dream I had while going to work in Tokyo.I was on the way to work, sitting on the train and my phone was out of battery. I was bored and decided to look ...

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  15. Mar's Sirens Concepts

    24 August 2018
    Mar's Sirens Concepts

    The journey of the first human sent to go Mars brought a bigger discovery than a planet, but himself. A personal project for a movie and my first Dream Project explain...

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  16. Sushi

    30 August 2018

    That day I was working on the first illustration for Mar's Siren and watching videos about the life of the astronauts on the Space Station. It was surprising that up t...

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  17. Edo War Z

    14 September 2018
    Edo War Z

    EDO WAR Z is a concept art to illustrate the story of Hiroshi Takamori, a legendary samurai who was forced to resign after the incident in which he killed a man who wa...

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  18. Edo War Z / The Monk

    15 October 2018
    Edo War Z / The Monk

    The monk said it clearly, "you don't need a whole army to fight evil, but just a bell". Some samurais laughed, while others looked confused. The next morning, in the ...

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  19. Inmortal Jellyfish

    14 December 2018
    Inmortal Jellyfish

    Created for the cover of an important Swiss Magazine, :)

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  20. Vane

    14 December 2018

    This is the last project I worked on, as the overall director of this teaser to promote Vane, a gorgeous game for PS4. I hope you like it.

    Available now for freelance work, :)

  21. Kazari

    9 April 2019

    At the end of the year Japanese put some decorations on their doors as a charm for a lucky next one. I was fascinated with these pieces and that night I dreamed that a...

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  22. Koi for Affinity Photo

    When the creative team at Serif saw by chance that I made "Kazari" (Echoes of Japan) with Affinity Photo they asked me to make another one for them that would be used ...

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  23. JSOL

    5 August 2019

    Like the sun, data brings things to life out of the darkness. This is the analogy I used to show, with just a visual, the services of my Japanese client. With a size o...

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