Illustration Meetup #8 event report

Andrew Browne
9 February 2018

Hi all,

As always, thanks to everyone who came to the meetup. Lots of new faces and lots of topics touched on.

The next event should be the first Monday of March, but I'll check with Andrew Joyce to be sure (or you may just hear from him).

Below is a list of of the attendees from last Monday.

Natalie Bleakly / Natalie Bleakly
Julia Nascimento / Julia Nascimento
Mariko Jesse /
Jessica Whitfield /
Felipe Kolb Bernardes / Felipe Kolb Bernardes
Erica Ward / Erica Ward
Will Murphy / Will Murphy
Odding Wang / Odding Wang
Paula Weinberg / Paula Weinberg
Ali Suzuki /
Saeko /
Nick Alston / Nick Alston
Petar Tasev / Petar Tasev
Carlos Sulpizio / Carlos Sulpizio

Feel free to leave comments.

Erica Ward
9 February 2018

Thanks for compiling and posting, Andrew!

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