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Odding Wang

I'm a creative director in Tokyo, Japan

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  1. The Book of Red

    15 November 2019
    The Book of Red

    Using a 32-page Moleskine notebook, some black paper and a knife, I wrote a letter to Pablo Picasso.

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  2. The Book of Black

    26 January 2018
    The Book of Black

    Using a 32-page notebook, some black paper and a knife, I wrote a letter to Vincent van Gogh.Award: Silver Lion of Design, 60th Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity

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  3. The Blue

    12 March 2017
    The Blue

    This is a story about temptation. A boy who grew up in an isolated dark monastery was deeply attracted by the blue shiny color from afar. He could not withstand the te...

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  4. Penguin Audiobooks Campaign

    A few years ago, I was commissioned to create a campaign for Penguin to promote their audiobooks. An idea popped up in my mind when I was crossing a street - what woul...

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  5. Song of the Seasons

    30 March 2017
    Song of the Seasons

    Back in 2012, United Nations Development Programme held a cartoon competition, focusing on the theme of climate change across Asia.Back then, I had been living in 4 d...

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  6. 12 Cities

    2 June 2017
    12 Cities

    A few years ago, the Italian brand Moleskine asked me to customize a series of 12 cards to promote their new "notebook card" products. I came up with the idea of using...

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  7. The Crossing Shadows

    5 March 2017

    An experimental book cover design for Penguin Classic "Wuthering Heights" by Emily Bronte. All cutout by hand with craft / black paper.

  8. Found Portraits: One

    10 November 2017
    Found Portraits: One

    Started from Japan, I found my vision through those portraits. I know there must be something in common that tied us together - something the fast-moving world had lef...

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  9. Gazetteer

    27 April 2017

    "Gazetteer" is the list at the beginning of the book "The Atlas" by William T. Vollmann. All the numbers I read in this song were from that list, which were the longit...

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  10. Wordless

    13 June 2017

    A demo song I made one night with Garageband(iOS) on iPhone before going to bed.
    (Improvised lyrics.)

  11. Anytime Cheese

    11 March 2023
    Anytime Cheese

    A while ago I did this set of illustration campaign for a cheese&wine company for their event called Anytime Cheese, in Tokyo. A few influencers from different Asian c...

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