Natalie Bleakly - Illustrator in Tokyo

Natalie Bleakly

I'm an illustrator in Tokyo

I speak Chinese and English

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Hello! I'm Natalie.

Starting out in a career in fashion and mainly working in China, I met my husband and moved to Tokyo. Shortly after the move I was looking for a career change and discovered my love for illustrating Japanese flora. I'm working towards growing a career in this wonderful city!

My Creations

  1. I went on a recent trip to Karuizawa. I had to paint the beautiful leaves that had fallen on the ground.

  2. Last month a friend of mine invited me to my first Japanese cooking class. It wasn't only my first class in Japanese but my first class in cooking! (Just ask my husband, I'm not a good cook). We made this seasoning called Yuzu kosho 柚子胡椒. It's like a salty spicy... continue reading (0, 1 image)