Musicians Meetup #1 Event Report - Tue 12th June @ WOW cafe

Paul Cohen
13 June 2017

Our first musicians meetup started off like the gig from hell, with a big mea culpa from me. Somehow the map link got reset to the wrong location, but being musicians everybody improvised brilliantly and most of us found Wow Cafe eventually! My deepest apologies to all.
I'll be listening to banjo opera all day as penance.

Lessons Learned:
. Double check *all* event details
. Have some bright signage outside to indicate the event is *HERE* as well.

Event Summary:
People got to have an extended chat while we waiting for everyone to dribble in. This wasn't a bad thing, so starting the main event at 8pm is ok.

A brief intro from everybody gave us some insight into where we all came from and where we're trying to go. [Takeaway: self intros then nominate the next person seems to be most efficient]
A very diverse group of musical influences and practices.
We had an interesting square table discussion (thanks Mattias for the suggestion), then broke up for free form chat.

The main discussion was really interesting and covered a few areas:
. Going indy vs getting shafted by a "record deal" that requires signing your soul over to the devil
. Developing an independent identity aka personal brand that is genuine and authentic
. Connecting with "true fans" who resonate with you - which might not necessarily be just about your music. People want a connection to something, and music in some ways is just a vehicle for that.
. Product development challenges - design, packaging, merchandising, connecting with target markets
. Music only events vs mixed media experiences using music as a core element

Some discussion links:
. DistroKid music distribution platform
. Steve Gardner's Miz Sally’s Yellow Cat Song Book & Dementia Drawings
. Hiroshi Mehata's Audio Visual Noum project
. Why Do People Sing - Music in Human Evolution

Attendee links
. (singer/artist)
. (great educational drum app!)
. (Drummer)
. (electronic/various)
. (mandolin)
. (Death to synchro buttons!)
. (also does videos, looking for work connections)
. (Rob De Guzman)

Please let me know if I missed anyone and I'll add you in.
Thanks to Junta, Canvas, Doorkeeper, & Wow cafe for hosting.
Thanks to everyone for attending.

Finally, a shameless plug from me!
I'm working on a new product to help musicians practice better.
I'd really appreciate your feedback if you could take this short survey.

Shall we do another Canvas Musician's meetup in a couple of months?
Let us know in the comments!

Fernando Gros
13 June 2017

Hey Paul, thanks for organising the event. I hope there is another one later in the year. It might just be me, but the link to the survey doesn't seem to be working.

Paul Cohen
13 June 2017

Hey Fernando,
No worries, thanks for coming.

Link fixed, ty.

Bill Tribble
13 June 2017

Cheers Paul for putting on the event! May I suggest we add links to our music projects here? It would be great to hear more of what you're all up to.

Mattias Husser
Art Director
13 June 2017

Hey, it was nice to meet you guys (and girls :) )!

Junta Mitsugi
UX Professional
14 June 2017

Paul Cohen Thanks again for facilitating the event, Paul! It was great! The survey was interesting too!

Derek Lee
17 June 2017

Great summary Paul Cohen and thank you for organizing and facilitating! It's really helpful that you've linked to everyone who was there! I thought it was a great event and had fun getting to know everyone. Hope we can do this again!

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