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Kumiko Mouri

I'm an artist in Tokyo, Japan

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I speak English and Japanese

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About me

I'm a song writer, singer, and a hand sign dancer, and a creator of music, pictures, movies.

I sing in Japanese and English. My original compositions, along with vocal sessions for other authors, have been released on 16 CDs with 5 major labels and 3 independent ones - released several CDs for Polydor Records, Vap inc., MCA Victor, Universal Victor, Teichiku Records, Vivid sounds and other labels since 1989.

I'm also a producer, singer and sound designer of Kimono beaT, which is a project (production studio) for music, movies and hand-sign dance with Kimono. Our DVD & album "Kimono beaT" is dedicated to the cause of World peace, a means of reaching universal harmony.

Kimono beaT's products are in itself a prayer expressing a wish for the future while being rooted in the ancient belief of Japanese people.

My Creations

  1. Lyrics, Music, Vocal & Recording by Kumiko Mouri (1992)

  2. Demo - Lyrics, Music, Vocal & Recording by Kumiko Mouri = Maureen @ SPRINGS (1999)

  3. DVD "Kimono beaT" - web on sale - (2016)

    The song Info: English title - "The One Shiny Drop"
    Lyrics: Kumiko Mouri & Akeyo Ishikura / Composition: Akio Miyagawa

    Japanese title - 「ワンドロップ ー 今、約束の地球(ほし)、約束の時代(とき)」
    Lyrics: Urayasu Shimizu & Nami Atago / Composition: Akio Miyagawa

    Sound design: Kumiko Mouri... continue reading (0, 0 images)

  4. Same as above:
    DVD "Kimono beaT" - web on sale - (2016)

    Sound design: Kumiko Mouri + Mauro Arrighi
    Vocal & Chorus: Kumiko Mouri

  5. Lyrics, Composition, Vocal, Remix by Kumiko Mouri (1996 & 2016)
    Vocal by Kumiko Mouri & Madoka
    Slide show by Keiichi Fukuoka / Kei Station

  6. Kimono beaT @ iTunes

    24 July 2016

    Kimono beaT @ iTunes (2016)


    Sound designed & Sung by Kumiko Mouri
    Sound & Cover designed by Mauro Arrighi