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Mattias Husser

I'm an art director in Tokyo, Japan

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Hey, I'm Mattias, a french creative (graphic design, music, photo, video…) based in Tokyo to work, share my knowledge and learn from the people here.

I love to work on different projects with a creative team, to create new things, new concepts, to transform a seemingly commonplace project into something original. I'm also a "pixel perfect" guy and less is more is my way of thinking.

My Creations

  1. New work on my website

    6 October 02:25
  2. Bali 2018

    14 March

    Music by Sovnger

  3. New photos on my website

    Discover more here

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  4. Sensō-ji in motion

    18 January

    Stop motion experimentation at Sensō-ji temple #loop

    Model - Advina RATNANINGSIH
Music - Sovnger

  5. Hanami 2018

    4 April

    Music by Sovnger

  6. Taxi driver

    25 May

    Rainy night in Tokyo, I liked the atmosphere on the cab so I decided to capture it to share it with you.

  7. Music by Sovnger

  8. New photos on my website

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  9. Bondi beach

    11 August

    Music by Sovnger

  10. New lens experimentations

    4 December 2017
    New lens experimentations

    Discover all of them here

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  11. New photos on my website

    14 August 2017
    New photos on my website

    Discover more here

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  12. Marshall Amp

    23 August 2017
    Marshall Amp

    Discover the full illustration in detail here

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  13. Sovnger

    6 June 2017

    In addition to my work as an Art Director, I'm also a music composer since many years now. From Hip-Hop to electronic music, I'm playing in many different clubs/events all around the world but I'm also working on soundtracks for movies, video games and commercials.

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  14. Lens experimentations

    24 April 2017

    Visual experimentations about ophthalmic lenses.
    Discover the complete series here:

  15. MH

    11 April 2016

    Find all my work on my website:

  16. Heart at Hack

    7 January 2017

    I'm proud to introduce to you this great game for which I made the sound design, the soundtrack and the art direction of the music: Heart at Hack
    It's free and it works for both iPhone and Android so don't hesitate to download it and to try it: