A huge thanks to everyone who came to the Canvas Photographers’ Round Table #1 last Thursday, Oct 20th! It was great to hear about everyone’s various perspectives and experiences related to photography, and we hope everyone had a great time getting to meet fellow creatives and engaging in the open discussion!

Some of the topics covered during the open discussion included:
• Creating narratives in photography through storytelling, documenting, etc.
• Street photography – To ask, how to ask, or not to ask? Getting releases and the law; Halloween!
• Working with clients – how to ensure you give them what they want
• How Japanese clients differ from the west – trust, repeat work and more
• Reviewing your old work – “What was I thinking?”, “How would I post-process differently now?”
• Natalia Lewandowska shared the details of her current Daydream exhibition at Ultra Super New Gallery.
• How can Canvas become a better platform for photographers?
• Upcoming Canvas events

The evening’s attendees:
George Popescu
Jiye Kim
Rie Miyoshi
Vani Jay
Michael Holmes
Yulia Skogoreva
Diego Rojas
Sayu Lulu
Alex Abian
Remy Buss
Brandon Olivarez
Canyon Boak
Gueorgui Tcherednitchenko
Tanya Tanaka
Aron Kremer
Marek Okon
Martin Holtkamp
Kohei Okada
Michael Keferl
Natalia Lewandowska

And the Canvas/Tacchi Studios team who were present:
Mark Mcfarlane
Junta Mitsugi
Adam Perry
Electra Vasileiadou
Henry Lee

For those who could not attend due to the theme, fret not! We are working on organizing Round Tables for other types of creativity and will share more details soon!

In the meantime, be sure to check out the upcoming Canvas Creative Kōyō Matsuri event on November 20th!

Until next time!