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Canyon Boak

I'm a product designer in Tokyo, Japan

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I speak English and Japanese

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Product Designer at Pivotal Labs Tokyo. iOS & Web development in my free time. Passionate about Design, Photography & Linguistics.

In university I studied languages: I am interested in the intersection of visual art and communication.

I grew up doing graphic design: Exposure to my father's life as a graphic designer shaped how I learned to interact with the world.

I like to hear other's stories: Learning from others has inspired me to try new mediums and learn new skills.

My Creations

  1. Atami Summer

    8 October 2016
    Atami Summer

    Reuniting with friends in Atami. As a new resident to Tokyo, I had not yet experienced a proper summer in Japan. Coming from a landlocked state in the US, just being n...

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  2. A portrait of the fall

    9 October 2016
    A portrait of the fall

    A couple years ago I decided to look for a medium format camera. I had fallen for the appeal of rangefinders after using a Fuji X-Pro1, so I was curious about fujifilm...

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