[Event report] Canvas Round Table #3 - April 11th 2016

Mark McFarlane
14 April 2016

Thanks to everyone who came to Canvas Round Table #3 on Monday! It was another fantastic night of chatting about various topics, meeting new faces, sharing and learning.

Some of the main topics that came up:

● Personal introductions – Getting to know each other.
● "Missing Games Project" – Alessandro Perini Shared information and showed artefacts from his ongoing project on Tokyo's Missing Olympic games in 1940. He is looking for a studio to shoot some photos for the project, so if anyone knows of somewhere suitable, please ping him!
● Controversial 2020 Tokyo Olympic games logo – Varied opinions on the suitability of the four options. Should the logo include "Japaneseness"? Should it say something about Tokyo?
● Home growing and fermenting - Michael Hoover shared information about growing and fermenting his own food and drink down in Kamakura.
● SEO - Tom Wilson asked the group how to improve the search engine placements for his website.

And some topics we covered regarding Canvas, which is a huge help for our team to know what needs to change as we continue to improve the site:

● Discussions board on Canvas - Is "discussions" too serious a title and putting some members off writing something? Perhaps it should be something more casual, such as "Canvas Lounge"? How can it be more engaging?
● "Canvas White Label" sites - Would Canvas members be interested in having their own custom .com website provided by Canvas with no setup or maintenance, and content based on their creations?
● The future of Canvas - Will it expand to other cites? How will it help creatives find more work? How will it help businesses to find creatives to hire more easily?
● How can Canvas help the community self-support with community-run events, workshops, a "Canvas Space" etc?

The evening's attendees:

George Popescu
Adam Esposito
Rob Nugen
Chihiro Watanabe
David Gilbert
Alessandro Perini
Paul Mcmahon
Tobias Koch
Johnny Linnert
Michael Hoover
Tom Wilson
Benjamin Watanabe

And the Canvas/Tacchi Studios team who were present:

Junta Mitsugi
Adam Perry
Mark Mcfarlane

Tanya Tanaka
17 April 2016

Unfortunately I was unable to join the Canvas Hanami event as well as Roundtable #3, but reading Mark's summary (thanks, Mark Mcfarlane), I really like the idea of the custom.com site. I would definitely make use of this option. When is the next event?

Mark McFarlane
19 April 2016

Hi Tanya,

Glad to hear you like the custom .com idea! Would you be interested in talking with Junta Mitsugi, our researcher, about it? If so, he could get in touch to arrange a quick skype chat or something?

Next event is hopefully some time next month, but it depends on how busy we are tbh. :)

Tanya Tanaka
19 April 2016

That sounds good! I'd be happy to help.

Mark McFarlane
20 April 2016

OK great, thanks Tanya! Junta will be in touch soon. :)

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