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Product manager from the UK, now living in Tokyo, with a passion for planning, designing and building engaging digital products.

I believe that great user experience is the result of elegantly solving problems in ways that enhance people’s lives, as well as generate revenue. I strive to simplify and reduce problems to their essence so that an optimal solution can be found.

My Creations

  1. おへんろ – A Shikoku Pilgrimage

    In 2016 I completed the 1,400km Shikoku Pilgrimage (四国遍路) in Japan, visiting all 88 temples associated with the revered Buddhist monk and scholar Kōbō Daishi (弘法大師).Ha...

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  2. Randomwire

    25 July 2015

    Founded in 2003, Randomwire is a blog where I share my thoughts on life in Asia, culture, design, technology, and travel.

  3. Gengo

    25 July 2015

    For 2.5 years I was the Product Manager of Gengo - an online translation startup headquartered in Shibuya building a cutting-edge platform to provide fast, affordable and quality translations by native speakers located worldwide.

  4. iOS VPN App

    25 July 2015

    Designed and oversaw the implementation of a new iOS app utilising in-app payments for a consumer VPN (Virtual Private Network) service. The secure connection is visualised on a map to aid comprehension of the network status.

  5. CNN Travel

    25 July 2015

    As the former Product Manager of CNN Travel (CNNGo), I was responsible for the design and delivery of both the desktop and mobile versions of the product in conjunction with editorial, technical, marketing and sales teams across the world.