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Sometimes the difference between a simple snapshot and a well-thought-out photo is just a matter of taking a few extra seconds to play with possibilities.

This could mean placing subject matter in specific areas, or moving closer to items for bigger impact, and possibly making sure to use different vertical/horizontal orientation.

For this series, I placed a red “❌” on the images that aren’t up to snuff when it comes to composition. The first image is a general shot of the whole place. I used it for context and there isn’t really anything there that makes me want to write home about.

The second image is getting there, but placement of the dressmaker’s form is in an awkward place in the shot. No need to have that window frame cut through the middle of that figure.

The third image has beautiful lines, but why didn’t I take the vertical shot? I had to go vertical orientation for the next photo. 

Now, the dressmaker’s form in the middle is dead center but there’s great asymmetrical composition going on, too. That photo takes on a whole new life.

You can see how the remaining photos’ subjects are positioned a bit differently and really make for better photos. I’m gonna have those printed, for sure!

So if you’re out and about, take a few moments to think 🤔about your shots and how the subject matter sits in the frame. There’s nothing wrong with those quick snaps, but hey, it’s worth a few extra seconds to dial in that composition. You’ll be happy you did. 



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Very interesting insights into composition. Thanks, Jason! I really wish I had the eye for this kind of thing.

Hey, Mark Mcfarlane. Thanks for chiming in. Ahhh, I think you probably do. Take these insights and venture out and have some fun. :)

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