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8 August 2018 ● 2 mins read ● 6 images

As Gregory Crewdson says in one of his documentaries 🔗👇, "It's really about creating a world that feels both real and imaginative." To me, that's what's going on in my mind these days.

Not every shot has to be something that compels you to write home about, and believe me, I take too many photos of my food and of people just walking down the street http://bit.ly/walkinginnakameguro. But often times I like to think beyond what's truly in front of me.

Here's more of what my last post spoke about 🔗👇(two images used for one final creation). I wanted the setting to be "darker" and the bokeh of the lights surrounding the focal point needed to stand out more. There's a lot going on, but the yellow lantern was my point of interest. Here are some screenshots of before/after images.

Using a layer mask, I erased particular elements from the top blurry layer and darkened shadows on the bottom layer. Also, I changed the layer style to Hard Light and reduced the opacity to 67% (it just felt right.)

Want to see the final product? Take a gander at my last post: https://www.canvas.co.com/creations/5246

Experiment, play, break the mold of what is the norm, because the world would love to see your imaginative work. I promise.

See Gregory Crewdson's “Cathedral of the Pines” https://youtu.be/8YJGibsiYjM


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