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30 June 2018 ● 1 min read ● 2 images

Pretty pictures are a thing. I'm not into editing images too drastically, mostly because I feel that filters are trends that change with the direction of the wind. I admit to using heavy edits for Instagram sometimes, but with a bit of hesitation. Gotta get those followers, right? Alas, I've thought more about how filters make me feel differently about photos that I see. I've started to use them more on architecture images which I've shot at night, making the subject matter look super cool.

Anyway, my trip to Meguro Fudōson Ryūsenji generated a ton of images that I love. I wanted to see how the green of the trees and patina of the statue affected my filter presets (Actions) in Photoshop.

I don't think there's a correct or incorrect way to show or edit these photos for this viewing (wanna talk print? Yes, please). It's about how they make you feel. A portrait, landscape, food, or street photographer (among many others) will have completely different ways of editing.

This following image has minimal edits, and as I look at all these here, I think the second one hits the mark for me. I'm on trend. ;)

For me, I just want to see a compelling image.

If you live in Tokyo, I'd love to have a photowalk with you. Drop me a line and we'll connect. 

Im in!

Jason Garcia - Photographer in Tokyo, Japan Jason Garcia Photographer 12 July 2018

Goran Popovic Great! Let's get together next week sometime. Evenings are looking good with this heat!

Hi there ninja! Sorry about the delay. When are you free? Let's go!

Jason Garcia - Photographer in Tokyo, Japan Jason Garcia Photographer 29 July 2018

Goran Popovic Photowalk in Shinbashi tomorrow, Monday at 7pm - Steam Locomotive Square! It's short notice, and if you can make it, look for me, the guy with big glasses and black/white striped shirt. 📷👍

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