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30 June ● 1 min read ● 2 images

Pretty pictures are a thing. I'm not into editing images too drastically, mostly because I feel that filters are trends that change with the direction of the wind. I admit to using heavy edits for Instagram sometimes, but with a bit of hesitation. Gotta get those followers, right? Alas, I've thought more about how filters make me feel differently about photos that I see. I've started to use them more on architecture images which I've shot at night, making the subject matter look super cool.

Anyway, my trip to Meguro Fudōson Ryūsenji generated a ton of images that I love. I wanted to see how the green of the trees and patina of the statue affected my filter presets (Actions) in Photoshop.

I don't think there's a correct or incorrect way to show or edit these photos for this viewing (wanna talk print? Yes, please). It's about how they make you feel. A portrait, landscape, food, or street photographer (among many others) will have completely different ways of editing.

This following image has minimal edits, and as I look at all these here, I think the second one hits the mark for me. I'm on trend. ;)

For me, I just want to see a compelling image.

If you live in Tokyo, I'd love to have a photowalk with you. Drop me a line and we'll connect. 

Im in!

Jason Garcia - Creative Director in Tokyo, Japan Jason Garcia Creative Director 12 July 14:16

Goran Popovic Great! Let's get together next week sometime. Evenings are looking good with this heat!

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