three photos - horrible lighting - superb texture

5 October 2019 ● 1 min read ● 4 images

My favorite time to shoot in Tokyo is at night. I gravitate towards the back streets and alleys, but often times the lighting in those areas is not optimal. 

I’m a huge fan of underexposing my images and have had a great amount of success in capturing what I need. Shimbashi night shots using ISO200? You bet! Shibuya night shots using ISO200? No problem! But sometimes things don’t work out and I had to bump up the ISO just a bit on for these. 

The colors didn’t attract me to this particular spot in Ebisu, but I knew the textures and lines were going to do these justice. I opted for B&W.

I often try to shoot a set of three images. There could be a wide shot to show context, a medium-distance shot, and maybe a closeup, etc. 

Also, I enjoy sharing my settings and maybe this will help you when shooting at night. For these, they all were shot f1.7, 1/125 sec, ISO400 - 20mm micro4/3 (40mm for you full framers). 📷

Looking to get out and shoot at night? Let’s go! Drop me a line anytime and we’ll find some camera candy.

If you'd like to see more of my work (and maybe purchase some prints 😂) check out my website. Also, here's my Instagram page. Let's connect!

Where in Ebisu is this? I have a sneaking suspicion I live right near by.

Ian Bayne I think this is the place. Google Maps photo doesn't have the sake barrels out front. 👍

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